Organic and Fairly Traded Drinks

How to choose the best tea

“Integrity is doing the right thing when nobody is looking.”

A box of VavaVida's organic and fairly traded green tea

When you are picking out your tea in the grocery store or online, there is no beverage police standing by to judge your decisions. You can go for the cheap, unethically sourced tea that exploits growers, and the cashier ringing you up will likely not look down on you.

However, you have the opportunity to use your drink as a mechanism for change by buying organic and fair trade.

Feeling guilty yet? As should you!! :)

Fair trade

Our tea is sourced from co-ops in the Darjeeling region of India where plantations reign king. By buying from a co-op instead of the wealthy plantations, you are helping to support “the little guys.”

This helps develop the community and provides aid through commerce rather than by donation. Learn more about the impact of  fair trade here.


Tea is a great source of antioxidants and is associated with other health benefits so it seems a little backwards to douse it in chemicals. Organic tea farming is done “au naturel”.

According to the WuYi Tea Company, organic farming practices also tend to result in “less soil erosion, less groundwater pollution, and improved farm biodiversity.”

These components are important for sustainable farming and help to ensure healthy land for generations to come, thus preserving the environment.

How you can spike your drinks with goodness

Switching to fair trade and organic beverages is as easy as a click of a button. VavaVida sells a variety of fairly traded and organic teas and coffees to suit your taste. You can buy an individual box or one of our bundles.


In conclusion,

By buying fair trade you get:

  • better quality
  • less pesticides
  • eco-friendly
  • socially conscious

why in the world would you buy anything else?! :)

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